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It is a highly specialised and successful non-surgical hair loss treatment for :
Scalp Micropigmentation service in banglore

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

We must first understand Pointillism in order to comprehend Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP in Bangalore.

In the painting style known as pointillism, tiny, distinct dots of colour are put in patterns to create a picture.

We employ a similar method for applying scalp micropigmentation. A pattern of ultra-fine dots on the scalp that resembles real hair follicles is strategically and carefully applied with different concentrations of a specific colour (SMP pigment), creating the illusion of a close buzzcut or a 5’0 clock shadow.

The most successful scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment now available in Emulate Follicles, which produces the lifelike buzzcut shadow hairstyle, but only when carried out by a Scalp Micropigmentation expert. It is a highly specialised and successful non-surgical hair loss treatment. When carried out by an SMP expert, the points (dots) resemble real hair follicles.

The Scalp Micropigmentation method must not penetrate as deeply as body art tattoos, therefore the pigment won’t bleed or spread and won’t also alter colour. The term hair tattoo also refers to scalp micropigmentation treatment in Bangalore, India.

Scalp Micropigmentation has advantages over other hair loss treatments

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Abhimanyu katoch
Abhimanyu katoch
I had consultation call with Sri Regarding SMP and he explained everything very well All the procedure for SMP, time, cost and I find it very reasonable then other doctors .🙏
It has been a life changing experience. I have searched everywhere in our country for the SMP treatment but his style of doing the procedure is carried out with great precision and one will always come out victorious. Its a pure work of passion and level of dedication he gives is satisfactory. I have travelled to this far end to him for the treatment because there is genuinity in what he does and his quality of service. I had my 2nd session and it has given me a complete fresh look as my entire life I was bald. If anyone is looking for SMP treatment in India, he is the right artist for it. Without thinking twice, please go ahead, you will loved it. Thank you.
bipin panikar
bipin panikar
Hi. I am a serving pilot with the forces. Opted for SMP post extensive research and search for a professional at it throughout the country. Turns out Sreejith currently is the most qualified professional doing this in India. I had an awesome experience with him. He explained me the process very professionally clearing out all the concerns I had.i must say he has done my SMP immaculately and with high precision. Absolutely thorough professional in going about the job on my head. His studio is superbly maintained and follows high standards of hygiene. I was super impressed the first time I went. Have finished two sessions and it has been a game changer for me.
Mathew Varghese
Mathew Varghese
Choosing the Clinic : First and the most important thing while choosing a SMP clinic is the hygiene, if you don’t find the clinic clean, please leave immediately. The procedure requires sterile environment, else one would end up with infection. My first visit to Emulate follicles was during the COVID times and the way he maintained the clinic was spectacular!!, everything was clean and well kept. Booking dates and Advance Payment: On October 2021, I went again for a face-to-face consultation and paid the advance. As I had a couple of personal things to cover, I got my dates for March 2022. . 1st session and what to expect: I reached a little early around 930am to the clinic, the clinic is located about 50 meters away from his residence, Sreejith had already opened the clinic and started prepping the clinic for the procedure. The whole cleaning and sanitizing would take almost an hour, you can watch it Ur self , he follows the same clinic prepping up procedure as that of the international artists, wrapping up everything he touches and sanitizing everything used for SMP. The procedure lasted for 2- 3 hours for me and it includes your scalp redesign and procedure by itself. This will be the base or foundation. 2nd session and what to expect: Second session was after 8 days. Second session is where you will see a major difference in your hairline .A slightly darker pigment is used than the first session, and you can make some adjustments in your hairline if you want to. I wanted to lower my hairline a little more and wanted to re-create my lost temples. Sreejith was more than happy to listen to me and took all the measurements again and reworked on my suggestions and showed me the adjusted design. After 10 years I saw a full hairline for myself at the end of the session. Sreejith had already given me the aftercare procedure and told me he will inform me when the next session would be, and I left. Met couple of friends who haven’t seen me shaved. They were like “Dude , you look good with head shaved”, the point here to note is that no one told me I am bald , they told I look nice shaved. So yes, finally this is working. Next up, went up to see couple of more friends. One of my close friends was like man, “Did you do a Hair transplant?”. “ I can see hair coming out”. Man, was I not happy!! 3rd session and what to expect: My last session was scheduled for April last week. We immediately started on the 3-rd session once the studio was ready. The third session will be the most painful, the ink used would be a little Darker compared to 2nd session to match your skin color and to give you an overall blending to the remaining hair. This time I could see my entire head blending properly with my remaining hair and was looking seamless. The whole process took more than 2 months, and I can say it was worth all the waiting . I am getting a lot of positive response on my new style, and I got the result what I was expecting for. Overall experience and Cost : SMP is an art. It requires a lot of patience and skill to Master. Sreejith has multiple specializations in SMP and is trained by Top practitioners from USA and Bangkok. It would have cost me at least 5 lakhs INR minimum to get it done from the US. The cost varies from person to person depending on ones level of baldness . I am a Norwood 5 and progressing and yet , he gave me a good deal. Another plus which I like in Sreejith is he understands what you go thru when you get bald, because he himself have gone through it. He is extremely passionate towards SMP and have set high standards for his work . He was always available for me between all my sessions and clarified all my queries whenever. I think Sreejith is one of the best SMP artist in India now and very cost effective. I can vouch on that. Conclusion : There is no replacement to normal hair right now , but if you are ok sporting a shaved head look with SMP, Emulate follicles will be the best decision to go for!!
Vishwas Acharya
Vishwas Acharya
Thank you Sreejith! I couldn’t be more happier with the results. You have done a great job. I would definitely recommend this to others with similar issue
keerthan tanthree
keerthan tanthree
Glad I came across Emulate Follicles. The work and results are just incredible and surely the best you can find in our country! Especially the professionalism shown by Mr.Sreejeet in understanding our needs and taking care of the follow up,Sessions & Hygiene of the space. Keep up your good work! 👏🏻
Balaji 333
Balaji 333
When I first met Sri I couldn’t believe that this is possible here in India, and he made my expectations high saying he would perform the SMP procedure better than what he had which was even harder to believe 🙂 Sessions started and after 1 and 2 session I was not happy because hairline was not very much visible and I called Sri that I am unsure about the result I am expecting and in return he didn’t say much and just asked me to have patience until the 3rd session and he was right, after 3rd session I got amazing results and I can tell you that I am just waiting my touch up session and it is going to be the best SMP in the world. Before consulting Sri I was thinking to go to Abroad for the procedure but I thank god that I found him. whoever wants SMP in India I would highly recommend Emulate follicles.

Who are the potential Scalp Micropigmentation Candidates?

The uneven hair growth or pattern baldness can affect your daily life in many ways. Although this problem is not rare nowadays. It can be seen everywhere, but there is no second opinion that it impacts your overall personality. Sometimes it becomes a reason for low confidence and ignorance. There are certain ways which can give you a safe side from baldness. Scalp micro pigmentation is one of the ideal ways to change your personality and get a fuller look instantly.

Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Bangalore, India

We perform micro scalp pigmentation using a similar technique. Using varied concentrations of a certain colour (SMP pigment), a pattern of ultra-fine dots on the scalp that resembles actual hair follicles is deliberately and meticulously placed to give the appearance of a close buzzcut or a 5’0 clock shadow.


Scalp micro pigmentation, which creates the realistic buzzcut shadow hairstyle, is the most effective hair loss therapy available, but only when performed by a scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment in Bangalore, India. It is an effective non-surgical hair loss therapy that is highly specialised. The points (dots), when performed by an SMP professional, mimic actual hair follicles.

Hair tattoo in Bangalore, India

This effective hair tattoo treatment is available in India now; you can get it in Bangalore. It gives you absolute freedom from reoccurring worries about going bald or losing your hair. There is no downtime after taking our best (SMP) scalp micropigmentation treatment in Bangalore, India; You can return to work or meet up with friends without anybody noticing that you are getting micro scalp pigmentation.


No need to take any pills after scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment. Consider getting a new hairline to better frame your face. It is a long-lasting, non-invasive hair loss treatment. SMP in Bangalore conceals scars, even hair transplant scars (FUE & FUT).

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