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Q. Do I need to shave my head before getting Scalp Micropigmentation?

Yes, shaving your head before getting Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is typically recommended. A shaved scalp makes it easier for the SMP technicians to work their magic with seamless precision. However, if you prefer to keep your existing hair, it should ideally be maintained at a length of 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm (Use electric foil shaver).

During your Scalp Micropigmentation session, the SMP specialist will evaluate the extent of hair loss and provide hairstyling recommendations for the best looks.

Q. How to Prepare the Scalp for SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Scalp preparation is a crucial step before and during SMP sessions to ensure the best results. Follow these steps to get your scalp ready for Scalp Micropigmentation:

Before one week of the SMP Procedure:

Cleanse the Scalp:
Ensure your scalp is free from any hair products, dirt, or debris. Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse your scalp thoroughly and remove any product buildup. Avoid using harsh or irritating shampoos that could cause skin sensitivity.

Exfoliate the Scalp: Exfoliating the scalp helps remove dead skin cells and promotes a smoother surface for the pigmentation process. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or a soft brush to exfoliate the scalp. Be gentle to avoid causing irritation.

Moisturize the Scalp: Keeping your scalp well-hydrated and moisturized is crucial. Apply a high-quality moisturizer to your scalp daily in the week leading up to the SMP session. This will help improve the overall health of your skin and aid in the healing process after the procedure.

Avoid Sun Exposure: Protect your scalp from direct sunlight as much as possible in the week before the procedure. Sunburn or excessive tanning can lead to skin irritation, tough stubborn skin, making the procedure more challenging and less comfortable or sometimes may require to re-schedule the session.

A day or two before to the SMP procedure:

Clean Shave/ Close Trim: Before the SMP session, clean shave the hair. (The SMP practitioner will suggest around what time one can clean shave their hair). Use an electric foil shaver for a close and uniform shave. Avoid using manual razors, as they may cause nicks or cuts that could interfere with the procedure. Note: For some clients they might be required to trim their hair at zero level instead of clean shaving, this will be suggested to the client by the SMP practitioner during the consultation after analyzing their overall hair thinning level.

Gentle Scalp Wash: On the day before the session, gently wash your scalp with a mild shampoo. This will ensure your scalp is clean and free from any residual oils or debris.

On the day of the session:

Apply Conditioner: On the day of the SMP procedure, apply a conditioner to your scalp after washing it with a shampoo. This will help keep your skin moisturized and nourished, making it more receptive to the pigmentation process. Note: Not everyone will need to apply conditioner, your SMP practitioner will suggest you if it is required.

Arrive with a Clean Scalp: Before heading to your SMP appointment, ensure your scalp is clean, dry, and free from any hair products.

Remember, individual skin conditions and responses may vary, so does the skin preparation steps. So, it’s crucial to follow the specific instructions given by your SMP practitioner. They may have additional guidelines tailored to your unique needs to ensure the best possible outcome. Following the right preparation steps will not only contribute to better results but also a more comfortable and successful SMP experience.

Q. How long does the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure take?

The duration of the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure varies from person to person as the treatment is customized based on the extent of hair loss and desired outcomes. Typically, a complete makeover requires 3-4 sessions, with each session lasting around 3-5 hours.

Q. What is the ideal time gap between micropigmentation sessions?

We suggest a gap of 10-14 days between the 1st and 2nd session and 30 days between the 2nd and 3rd session.

Q. How long does it take for scalp micropigmentation to heal?

You can return to normal life immediately, as there is no downtime. Normally, SMP heals in 5 days, but we suggest an aftercare period of 10 days for SMP to properly heal and settle.

Q. How soon will I see the results of Scalp Micropigmentation?

You will see immediate results after each session of Scalp Micropigmentation. However, it is important to note that the full effect of each session will be noticeable once the pigments (dots) have settled into the skin, and any initial redness should subside. As the scalp heals, the pigmented dots will blend more naturally with your existing hair and skin tone. The final results of SMP can usually be seen within a week or two after the procedure.

Q. What are the SMP maintenance and aftercare instructions for long-lasting results?

It’s quite simple! Regularly moisturizing the scalp, staying hydrated, and avoiding prolonged sun exposure are all important for achieving long-lasting results. Moreover, our SMP technician will provide detailed aftercare instructions to optimize the outcome and longevity of your SMP procedure. 

Q. When can I resume my normal activities after Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure?

You can resume normal activities immediately after SMP procedure since there is usually no significant downtime involved. Unlike certain surgical procedures, SMP is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require a prolonged recovery period. Therefore, you can generally go back to work or engage in your regular daily activities right after the procedure.

Q. What activities should I avoid after Scalp Micropigmentation?

You should avoid any activity that induces excessive sweating, steam rooms, direct sun exposure, exposure to dirt, dust, or unsanitary conditions for 10 days after the SMP procedure. Additionally, avoid swimming in a swimming pool or sea for at least 30 days after the session. Following these guidelines will help achieve the best possible SMP results.

Q. Can I shower after having SMP?

You can shower as normal, but avoid rinsing/washing the SMP treated area(s) for 5 days.

Q. Is it safe to shampoo my scalp after undergoing SMP?

Yes after 10 days from the session one can shampoo as normal.

Q. Can I shave my head as after SMP?

Yes! You can shave your head or choose to maintain your usual hairstyle.

As SMP itself is designed to give a closely shaved look, shaving your head won’t affect the overall effect. The popular opinion of our clients is that a shaved scalp gives the best look post SMP.

But, it is mandatory to wait atleast 10 days post treatment, to do so. The time period is required for the pigments to settle in seamlessly.

For the Scalp micropigmentation results to last long, use an electric foil shaver. Please avoid using razor blades.

Q. Can I wear a clean cap or hat immediately after my Scalp Micropigmentation?

Yes, you can! However, it’s important to ensure that the cap is clean, and it should not be worn tightly to avoid unnecessary friction and undue pressure on the treated area.

Q. Does excessive sweating affect the SMP results?

Though sweat doesn’t majorly affect the results, it is recommended that you avoid excessive physical exertion that leads to excessive sweating for 10 days after each session. This will help the pigments settle in with perfect precision.

Q. Is it recommended to apply oil to my scalp after getting SMP?

Yes, it is recommended to moisturize with oil or moisturizer from the 5th day after any session. It will help to keep the skin healthy and conditioned and also prepare your skin for the next session as well.

Q. Can I wear a helmet after having Scalp Micropigmentation?

You can start wearing a helmet after 10 days of an SMP. But avoid helmets or any headgear before that as they might not be clean and may cause infections.

Q. How should I sleep after Scalp Micropigmentation?

You can sleep normally as you always do, but avoid covering your scalp with a blanket for 10 days after the session.

Q. Can I use Minoxidil after my SMP?

After SMP, avoid using Minoxidil for at least 30 days to allow proper healing of the pigmented areas on the scalp. This prevents potential interference between Minoxidil’s chemicals and the healing process.