Celebrities Who Have Had Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair Loss is something most of us encounter in some stage of our lives. It could be a temporary one or acute hair loss conditions like Male Pattern Baldness or Alopecia Areata. Grappling with hair loss can be a deeply emotional experience tinged with self consciousness and vulnerability.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities tackle hair loss? We all know that In the world of celebrities, image sells! While some celebrities go for secret treatments and procedures to maintain their looks, some celebrities have a way of transforming their negatives into inspiring positives by flaunting their au natural looks with minor enhancements like Scalp tattoos aka Scalp micropigmentation.

So here are some prominent celebrities who influence a whole lot of people to flaunt their natural looks with absolute confidence.

Jamie Foxx

Award winning actor known for his powerful acting, Jamie Foxx wanted to address his receding hairline. He chose Scalp Micropigmentation to give him a strong, defined hairline. The realistic results have helped enhance his stylish looks.

Ricky Bell

A renown singer and performer with Bell Biv Devoe, the talented Ricky Bell is someone who has undergone SMP and openly propagates its glories to the world. He came to know about SMP from his friend Jamie Foxx and since then there is no looking back! In his own words “It is a life-changing experience.”

Alex Beresford

The cheerful weather presenter of the British television breakfast show ‘Good Morning’ has talked openly about his hair loss and his decision to undergo SMP due to premature balding. In his own words “I’ve been losing my hair for years, and it’s been a real struggle for me. But when I found out about SMP, I knew it was something that could really help me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. I feel like a new man.”

Ben Toft

The professional Rugby union player has been battling hair loss since his 20s and hated his hairline which was low. In his own words “I had low confidence, went on to research on hair loss treatments, and chose SMP. It took 4 sessions. From the first session, I could see the hairline I loved. There was absolutely no pain too. Initially when I researched pictures of before and after SMP procedure, the results looked too good to be true. But my results exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Quinton Fortune

The South African football player had acute hair loss and premature balding. He had SMP done 12 years ago and the procedure gave him a defined hairline. In addition to a confident boost, the procedure has given him a suave look.

Daniel Johnson

As a hairstylist to the England Football team, Daniel Johnson knows firsthand that looks matter to anyone in the public eye. He underwent SMP and was happy to share his before and after pictures in his social media handles. In his own words “SMP is a great hairline rebuild – Natural Finish. SMP is an incredible life changing treatment.”

Benedict Garrett

A Mumbai-based British actor born in Wellingborough, Benedict Garrett has featured in movies like Jawan, The Kerala Story etc. He achieved celebrity status as a dancer with The Dreamboys band. As someone in the public eye 24/7, he underwent SMP as his hair started to thin and his hairline started to recede. In addition to enhancing density throughout his scalp, the procedure also helped restructure his frontal hairline. His defined hairline and stylish looks make him a media magnet of sorts!

Sofyan Amrabat

A professional footballer who plays for Manchester United underwent SMP procedure to have a defined hairline. In addition to giving him a stylish vibe, the natural looking results makes it hard to detect that it is a cosmetic treatment enhanced look.

Nordin Amrabat

The dashing Moroccan Professional footballer struggled with hair loss/hair thinning and chose SMP to address his desire for a natural looking scalp with a defined hairline.

Fabrice Le Physique

As a founder of Europe’s most exclusive personal training Gym, Fabrice has helped high profile clients including actors, athletes, CEOs and models to meet their fitness goals. He took SMP procedure for a defined look and a fuller hairline.

David Bautista

The American actor and former professional wrestler underwent SMP to get natural looking results. The transformative procedure impressed him and made him start his own Tattoo clinic in Tampa, Florida. He has hired professional SMP specialists to treat hair loss and hair line issues.

To conclude, SMP is fast gaining a fanbase that transcends age groups. Hope you had a reckoning knowing that many of your favourite celebrities have undergone Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment to maintain their youthful looks. In this age of smartphones and reels where smart looks matter, SMP is definitely a painless boon for individuals battling hair loss.

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