SMP – Not A Medical Procedure


In recent years, there is a rumour circulating that Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical procedure performed exclusively by doctors.

We think the slightly complex name and the word ‘Treatment,’ make people think that Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical procedure. But, this is far removed from the truth!

SMP doesn’t require medical intervention as it is non-invasive and painless, and is best left to certified SMP specialists who carry years of experience in delivering exceptional and realistic results.

Agreed that medical practitioners are instrumental in diagnosing and treating medical conditions leading to hair loss, be it hormonal imbalance or nutrition deficiencies.

Some Medical practitioners have the expertise to recommend apt surgical techniques or medical therapies to address hair loss, and also offer SMP as part of their practice. While it’s true that doctors can offer SMP, it’s crucial to note that they must be highly trained, certified, and dedicated exclusively to practicing SMP to achieve natural results and prevent any mistakes. This clarification emphasizes that doctors aren’t the only professionals qualified to perform SMP.

If you are ready to embark on the journey towards a fuller head of hair, the best bet is choosing a Certified SMP Specialist.

Scalp Micropigmentation Specialists spend years mastering the art, and are more focused and passionate about delivering aesthetically pleasing realistic results. Additionally, they keep improving their skills to keep up with the latest tools, techniques in SMP, and style trends.

Let us take a minute to explain what SMP actually is.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Have you ever wondered if there is a pain-free magic spell to transform your thinning hairline or baldness into a fuller one? That is exactly what SMP does.

SMP is one of the most convenient and non-invasive hair loss treatments that is super effective and here to stay. The best part is that it is a painless cosmetic procedure that gives realistic results.

In simple words, Scalp Micropigmentation is like permanent make-up. It is done by imprinting 2D hair follicles emulating pigments on your scalp. As a result of this treatment, you will get a look of a closely buzzed hairline.

Unlike hair transplantation or surgical interventions, SMP is non-invasive treatment carried out by certified SMP artists who carry the right mix of experience and expertise.

Scalp Micropigmentation Specialists

Becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist takes years of dedication and an unwavering commitment to transform lives. Additionally, it takes hours of training to grasp the fundamentals and years of experience to gain the hands-on expertise to take on clients.

Right from fundamentals to mastering the art of scalp tattoos, all our scalp technicians undergo proper training and certification from reputed scalp Micropigmentation institutes and experts across the globe.

Training & Certification

All individuals undergo comprehensive training that covers the multiple aspects of the procedure, including precision, needle usage, colour theory, artistic application, pigment selection and mixing techniques, best sanitation practices etc.

By the time they receive their certification, they would have gained the expertise and confidence to create natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing results.

These trained and certified SMP technicians possess an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, hairline structuring, and precision powered pigmentation techniques.

And, the learning never ends! Yes, these passionate scalp specialists keep updating their SMP skills to keep abreast with the latest SMP techniques, tools, style trends and customer expectations.

Only the ones confident in their skills will start working their magic on clients. If a novice starts taking on clients for quick bucks, the results might be botched up. So never fall for cheap prices and hyped promises. Research well!

Scalp Micropigmentation Vs Medical Procedure

Though some hair loss treatments involve medical procedures like incisions and extractions, SMP is non-invasive and purely Permanent cosmetics. Let us break-down the differences for you!

Nature of the procedure

SMP involves the application of pigments as micro-points on the scalp. It is akin to the art of tattooing, and doesn’t involve any surgical incisions or operations on the scalp tissue.

Hair Transplantation and other surgical hair loss treatments mostly involve incisions on the scalp tissue, extraction of hair follicles and transplanting of hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another using the FUT or FUE method, injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. In simple terms, most invasive hair loss treatments are carried out under medical supervision. So, it can be called a medical procedure.

Goal & Scope

SMP is a cosmetic procedure that gives an illusion of a fuller head of hair, successfully concealing a balding or thinning scalp. It is also a natural way to conceal scars and birthmarks on the scalp. After undergoing SMP, you are left with a fuller hairline without any side-effects.

Medical procedures for hair loss involve physically relocating hair follicles via surgical techniques like Hair Transplantation/stimulating hair growth via medical therapies like PRP and medications like Minoxidil. As these treatments and therapies involve significant changes to the scalp tissue, a doctor or surgeon’s expertise becomes imperative.

Regulatory Classification

SMP is a cosmetic procedure carried out exclusively by trained and certified Scalp Micropigmentation Experts. The regulations covering SMP fall under tattooing/cosmetic industry standards.

Medical procedures for hair loss are generally governed by medical boards/regulations. It requires a professional license.

Be Aware & Avoid Botched Up Results

SMP offers a very effective solution for people desperately looking to address their hair loss concerns. This saves them from invasive medical procedures or life-long medical therapies. So, it is vital that you gain an in-depth understanding of this non-surgical technique, to avoid choosing the wrong provider and suffering botched-up results.

The fine print in SMP is – for best results, get it done from SMP technicians who are specially trained in it. They go through years of rigorous training and practicing, to bring about realistic looking results with zero side-effects.

SMP providers invest their time, money, and efforts to continuously learn and update themselves. They are passionate about making a difference to the lives of their clients. They will put you at ease and ease your hair loss worries in a stress-free manner.

A dermatologist or a body tattoo artist might be able to do the procedure at 1/3rd of the cost charged by a SMP expert. But, what if they botch-up? The cost to set it right might end up breaking your bank! So, when it comes to your hair loss treatment, research well and don’t fall for cheap prices! Remember…quality comes at a price!

SMP is a cosmetic procedure

Hope we have dispelled the myth of SMP being a medical procedure! It is purely a cosmetic enhancement that gives pain-free results.   SMP, a game-changer for people battling hair loss, is performed by skilled and certified SMP technicians who specialize in this art with absolute dedication. While some doctors offer SMP services, they must be properly trained and exclusively certified in SMP to do so.

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